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Jason Zengerle swings and misses

Over at The New Republican Jason Zengerle gives Kaus mad props and then, in an otherwise worthless post which provides zero exaples of how liberal bloggers overestimate the damage scandals do to the Administration, Zengerle writes:
...liberal bloggers are already overreaching and trying to turn it into something bigger. Josh Marshall (who's often a voice of reason) is insinuating that the victim's injuries are more severe than reported...

When a subscriber points out that insignificant injuries don't land people in the ICU for a couple of days, and the hospital for three or more, Zengerle responds:
We really have no idea why he was in the ICU for so long. It's possible his injuries were more severe than reported. It's also possible there were non-medical, bureaucratic reasons: maybe the ICU has the only private rooms at that hospital; or perhaps putting him in the ICU was the best way to control visitors to the guy (so reporters couldn't get in). I have no idea, and I hesitate to even venture a guess. My point about Josh's post was that it's counter-productive to speculate about this stuff.

Excellent speculative point.

Maybe they keep you in the ICU for bureaucratic reasons; who knows? It would be irresponsible to speculate.

Good work, Jason. New Republican, indeed.


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